Projects | Urban parks

Protection of existing vegetation, planting design and irrigation network design of this urban park, together with the team lead by Anna Planas.
Draft design of a green area for the users of the airport of Algiers.
Landscape reclamation and creation of different spaces for public use.
Parc del Torrent Gros, Santa Maria d'Oló
Planting, green roof and irrigation design for the waterfront park in Palma, for the park designed by architects Antoni Barceló and Bàrbara Balanzó together with...
Environmental, landscape analysis and basic project to reclaim a fluvial space near the urban area.
Planting of the Park of Valldaura: new park on a channelled stream and a former uncontrolled rubbish dump. Restoration of a talus and renovation of...
Restoration of planting and irrigation network, in coincidence with the construction of the walking route and restoration of the artistic paving.
Design of the plantings and irrigation at Montjuïc of the section between the castle and the belvedere 'Mirador de l'Alcalde'.
Ornamental planting and irrigation network of the urban park adjacent to the train line.
Definition of the planting and irrigation network for the public park situated under Torre Baró.
Planting and irrigation design of these two parcs in Gavà. Assessment of the existing vegetation.
Preliminary design for a 3 ha urban park.
Planting design, teaming with the city council architects, responsible for the overall project.
Preliminary project, final designs and management of the works of an urban park with a sculpture of Oriol Rius and a service building.