Projects | Corporate gardens

Planting and irrigation design at the business office from the Sorigué group en Madrid
Roof garden made of wooden planters and pergola for a high level office building. Wooden planters with Mediterranean vegetation in a very exposed location
Rehabilitation of a poorly designed and built roof garden at D38 Business Park. Soil and drainage improvements, as well as change of species will lead...
Direction of Landscape Works from a project made by SCPaisajismo. Landscape Management of the complex since then.
Panoràmica plaça
Preliminary study for an urban golf practice pitch within the city centre, including tee, pitch and green.
Design of the irrigation network for the gardening project of the first mormon temple in West Africa.
Planting and fertirrigation design of the green façade with climbers coverage of the energy producing center, Barcelona
Renovation of planting and irrigation network in an existing garden, taking advantage of the complete reforms of the building.
Ornamental plantings in the gardens for the common building of the EU countries embassies for the new capital of Nigeria. Technical advice on the local...