Urban spaces we designed or where we undertook the planting and irrigation design.

Green areas in business parks, industrial estates and other corporate bodies

High end private gardens, where client satisfaction makes each project a new challenge and a special experience

In reclamation projects, the real action starts when the project construction is over: we just give nature a gentle push so that it rebuilds itself. If we do our job properly, it will follow the expected path to plenitude

Urban parks are always difficult to compose, due to the many factors to be considered. It is in these situations where multidisciplinary teams make more sense and deliver a good result.

Design competitions, being part of a broader team with other design offices like architects, urban planners, engineers, environmental consultatns, ... Our contribution within the team consists in assesment of existing vegetation, planting design and water cicle design.

Courses and lectures about planting design, soil management and specification, direction of works or design of green areas

Documents tècnics d'anàlisi i propostes d'ordenació generals que ultrapassen l'àmbit del projecte o detallen aspectes constructius molt concrets

Publicacions sobre diferents temes relacionats amb la professió